The 19 Crimes Of Packaging

Crimes Of Packaging

“Only those who have stood within the bars and heard the din of devils and the appalling sounds of despair can imagine the horrors of the hold of a convict ship.”

John Boyle O’Reilly

What the heck? Isn’t this blog about executive recruiting? The packaging industry? HR tips? Maybe a useful web link now and then? Indeed, it is.

Guess how we came upon Mr. O’Reilly’s story? You’re not going to believe me. We met Mr. O’Reilly on a talking wine bottle. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

“The men featured on our wine labels are not those of fiction. They were flesh and blood. Criminals, artists, and scholars. In history, they share a bond – receiving “punishment by transportation” for violation of one of 19 crimes and becoming the first settlers of a new nation.”

The 19 Crimes Website

And the nation? Australia. News to me!

What to do when wine bottles give The History Channel a run for its money?

Hmmm, now that I think about it– Happy History Hour! I digress.

19 Crimes is one of seventy brands owned by Treasury Wine Estates, one of the largest wine companies in the world. And let’s be honest, they know how to tell a story. Big time.

But did it work? I’ll let Ashely Roberts’ epic blog post, “Smart Packaging Has Arrived- Are You Ready?” answer that question. Her deep dive post pairs nicely with The Uprising, a 19 Crimes wine with a story of its own.

Treasury Wine Estates is not merely using a gimmick to sell wine. There is a deep and passionate connection between the “criminals, artists and scholars” their wine labels feature, and their brand. The two act as one.

Did I mention their wine corks? But another way to bring the lore to life. Storytelling floods their website. New wines and scallywags are added on an ongoing basis, each one, a new chapter in the 19 Crimes storybook.

How can you use Smart Packaging to tell your story? How can you use Smart Packaging to connect with your audience?

When it comes to branding wine, it’s 19 Crimes for the win!

Smart Packaging & The Call To Innovate

I get it. Truly, I do. You’re still trying to get your head around the “Happy History Hour” talking wine bottles thing. I feel your pain. Nonetheless, Ladies and Gentleman, I present– Mrs. Rinaldi. Her pasta sauce is fantastico!

Yep, another talking bottle, this time– on behalf of sauces for pasta.

There is a line in Jenni Spinner’s blog post in Packaging Digest where she quotes Mary DeMarco from LiDestri Food & Drink (the brand owner of the pasta sauce):

“Through AR, we are looking forward and focusing on technology, while staying true to our traditional pasta sauce recipes and Italian culture.”

As is the case with 19 Crimes, Smart Packaging is used to tell brand driven stories and to connect with customers. Mrs. Rinaldi tells us three stories via the Rinaldi labels, two about her sauces, one about the eco-friendly nature of the container they use to bottle those sauces (also noted in Jenni’s article).

From strategy to execution, LiDestri Food & Drink uses Smart Packaging to communicate three core brand values:

  • Traditional pasta sauce recipes
  • Italian culture
  • Environmentally friendly container

When I think about all the money I’ve spent on radio ads over the years! It’s depressing. I could have hired a label as a spokesperson!

The thing that makes all this work at LiDestri is their packaging strategies are born from their deeply held values. The first thing you see on the LiDestri website? Tradition & Innovation.

In the company’s blog post “Packaging – First Impressions Matter,” Stefani LiDestri, the Co-President & CMO of LiDestri, walks the talk.

“Taking away the guesswork and providing our partners with smart, up-to-date packaging solutions is one of the cornerstones of our business. Consider the Living Jar™– it’s beautifully designed, fundamentally strong, environmentally friendly, and in every way the embodiment of meaningful innovation at LiDestri.”

Smart Packaging backed by exceptional leadership and enduring values, the key to sustainable success. That is LiDestri Food & Drink.

Smart Packaging: 101

Peter Knapp is a smart guy. Peter Knapp gets it. As the Chairman & Global Creative Officer for the brand building powerhouse, Landor- his expertise in the digital space is vast.

In his article for Packaging World, he makes a case for building trust and providing value as crucial to Smart Packaging strategies.

“… when executed properly—and with a little vision—the possibilities for brands to use smart packaging are almost endless.”

Key in on the term “when executed properly.” In the case of 19 Crimes and Mrs. Rinaldo, they are the embodiment of that standard. Anything less turns Smart Packaging into a gimmick with a short shelf life.

Peter ends his piece with a powerful truth.

“Trust is the last vanguard between the human and machine world and, in the smart packaging revolution, the brands that understand this will rise to the top.”

I strongly recommend reading, “Smart Packaging That Adds Real Value” by Peter Knapp. It’s a webinar in writing that you don’t want to miss.

I also suggest watching his Experience Mapping video on the Landor website. In it, he makes a simple statement but in that simple statement, we find the cornerstone to excellent brand strategy.

“What we try to do is think about the brand in very human terms.”

A simple statement. Not a lot there. Thing is, that is how you build an extraordinary brand. Like a Swiss Army knife, everything you need in a tiny little package.

How you execute that simple truth is key. A few moments later in the video, Peter shares the Landor experience mapping process. The thing that most stood out is the language they use. Direct. Easy to understand. Relevant.

Do you look at your brand through a very human lens? Are you using Smart Packaging like LiDistri and 19 Crimes? Is your brand committed to building meaningful relationships with your customer base?  

Building trust. Providing value. Telling compelling stories that keep your customers coming back for more. The hallmark traits of Smart Packaging at its best.

What does this have to do with executive recruiting? EVERYTHING! How can we find the best innovators unless we know what they look like? It’s also how we built Chase. Authenticity. A strong company culture. Innovation.  

Chase & Associates – We Have Your Back.