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    Hot Tips For Packaging Professionals

    Storytelling has existed for thousands of years. Stories ensure the wisdom from decades past is not lost. And so it is with this heartfelt video series featuring Alexis Chase and Michael Chase, sister and brother, co-owners of Chase & Associates.

    When your family owned business has been in the packaging industry for over fifty years, you learn a few things. Each episode answers a single question about the packaging industry, coupled with a healthy dose of personal stories and sibling banter.


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    Empathetic Leadership

    “I feel like I’m walking on eggshells in any discussion, whether professional or personal. And they can blow up in my face at any moment. How do you cope with this?”

    Onboarding – The Deal isn’t Done

    “What should we do in the first 3 months of hiring so that we don’t lose good people?”

    The Need for Speed

    “How would you tighten up our hiring process without sacrificing quality?”

    Mental Health & COVID

    “I’m worried about the mental health of our employees. How can I help them? And to be honest, how can I help myself?

    growing pains

    I’m not okay with abandoning the long-held beliefs and practices that built our company, but we need to modernize to stay relevant. It’s a struggle I face on a daily basis.

    lost opportunities

    QUESTION: “We recently interviewed an incredible candidate, but something was missing. A top competitor swooped in and hired them. It keeps on happening to us. How do we make it stop?”

    wisdom keepers

    Every year, I lose some of my best people to retirement. Industry experience like that doesn’t grow on trees. It drives me crazy.

    savvy women

    QUESTION: “I really enjoyed your previous episode on women in packaging. I think I bring a ton of talent to the industry, but I need more actionable insights. The top three things I should do as a woman in the industry to grow my career are what?”

    Niche Talent

    QUESTION: “We keep outgrowing our talent capacity in certain niche areas where we have no expertise. Typically, we’re caught off guard, and end up reacting versus being strategic. What do you suggest?”


    QUESTION: “Our hiring is hit or miss. We have yet to lock down a consistent process that gets results. We offer great benefits with competitive pay but something is missing?”


    QUESTION: “Whenever we acquire a company, a culture war inevitably follows. It causes lot’s of stress, and typically, we loose good people. How can we get past this?”

    Wonder Woman

    Question: “I feel like to succeed in the packaging industry as a woman, I essentially need to behave like a man. I find this very frustrating.”

    Crappy Candidates

    Question: “Every time we have a job opening, we have to sift through a flood of crappy candidates. How can I solve that?”

    Covid Chaos

    Question: “How has COVID changed packaging?”

    Juggling Boxes

    Question: “It blows my mind that you are a family owned business. How do you juggle everything?”

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